It Starts with a Robust
North American Network

Service and Support

Fueling Stations

Our network of over 550 LNG and CNG fueling stations ensures your fleets are powered for both short routes across town and long hauls across North America.

Our stations are fueling service vehicles in about 37 + major airports, and our strategically located truck-friendly CNG and LNG fueling stations, the network we call America’s Natural Gas Highway™, are designed to keep heavy duty fleets fueled up and on the road.

Service and Support

Equipment & Fuel Supply

We have the most experience in inventing and manufacturing today’s natural gas technologies.

We develop, manufacture, supply, install and service the equipment at natural gas stations across North America. We own and operate LNG plants and renewable processing facilities, producing RNG, CNG, and LNG fuels for our own stations and our clients’ stations.

Service and Support

Mobile Pipeline Solutions

Your operations may not be mobile, but Clean Energy natural gas is. NG Advantage, a Clean Energy subsidiary, will deliver CNG to your North America-based facility for onsite fueling. A fleet of tractor-trailers serve as your mobile pipeline; onsite storage is not required.

Service and Support

Services & Support

Our expert technicians, sales and support teams are located all over the country, ready to meet your every need and exceed your expectations, either at your site, over the phone or online. Always available. Always accessible.

Your decision to go with Clean Energy is nothing short of a true partnership.

A Customized Solution
For All Your Fueling Needs

We’re more than just fuel

We provide complete, scalable fueling solutions: offering everything you need from modifying your existing vehicle maintenance facilities; to building and operating stations; to guidance in financing options. As the industry leader we’ve also paved the way in new fueling equipment technologies and manufacturing.

Offering a premium natural gas fueling experience, we are your partner on the road to a cleaner, brighter and more prosperous future.

Diagram of the aspects offered by Clean Energy